Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Toy Tokyo logo

Toy Tokyo is a shop in Manhattan that specializes in rare collectible toys, a lot of which are japanese based. This was made for a project my senior year of college and not officially for Toy Tokyo. My goal was to create a logotype that mimicked the a lot of the package design I found in the shop; a font that appeared to be Japanese at the bottom with what looks like the english translation on top. The character is meant to look like a japanese super hero from the 40's or 50's but with a more current rendering.


The client that I made these for is working on getting an online gym up and running. The idea is that you watch workout videos online and work out at home. These badge designs would be used as a reward to the customer to help keep them motivated and show progress.

holiday email

Here is some work I got to do for a company that offers businesses holiday themed email templates that they can use to send to respected customers. Even though it was sort of a quick project it was right up my ally because it offered a fun combination of illustration and graphic design.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Daves logo

Soon after I finished my logo my roommate said he also needed some business cards and was wondering if I could make him a logo too. He said he wanted it to look sort of like the dark crystal but he also wanted gears (this does make sense with the work he does) In the end I was pretty happy with the way his logo came out. Actually I like his better than mine now.... DANGIT!

New Logo!

I was making myself business cards a few weeks ago and then it hit me; I did not have a logo. Seems sort of silly that I have been doing graphic design for a while and I didn't think about making a logo for my self.

New Reel!

stop motion reel from Luke Rotzler on Vimeo.

Working freelance at Friendship Society has really paid off. I have learned a ton more about stop motion and heres a reel to show that im not fibbing